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Analysis Laboratories


Physical Tests:
• Density
• Viscosity
• pH
• Determination of moisture
o Drying method
• Differential Scanning Calorimeter
o Tg, Tm determinations
o Thermal stability, oxidation stability determination
o Determination of Heat Capacity



Chemical Analysis:

• Vegetable Oils
o Acid
o Saponification index
o Iodine index
• Fuels
o Amount of water
• Plastic Materials-Quality Analysis
o The thermoplastic
o The Thermoset
o Determination of C-black in plastic materials
o Determination of C-black dispersion in plastic materials


Instrumental Analysis:

• UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
o Inorganic it
o Organic
• IR Spectrophotometer
o Inorganic it
o Organic

• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
• Gas Chromatography
• Ion Chromatography
• HPLC (Liquid Chromatography)


Other Analysis:

• Titrimetric Determination
o Potentiometric determination
o Carbonate
o Bicarbonate
o alkalinity
o CO2
• Determination of silica
• Total dissolved salts
• Suspended solids
• Performance change of liquid ion exchangers and peroxide dispensers
• HDPE corrugated pipe carbon black analysis
• Determination of volatile matter in halogenated hydrocarbon gas 4.PVC *
• Freon gas analysis d. Polyethylene pipe analysis
• Shoe sole analysis
• Plastic pipe analysis
• Sodium Sulphate (acid ratio determination)
• Spray analysis
• Carbon black amount
• Compliance of technical specifications of plastic bags
• Pet bottle analysis
• Detergent active substance analysis
• Synthetic liquid resin analysis

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