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The aim of the department is to train chemical engineers, who:

EA1. Can maintain a successful business life in a wide range of sectors by using the strong background they have gained in the program in chemical engineering or their chosen field,

EA2. Can develop sustainable solutions to engineering problems and make project and process management,

EA3. Can appreciate the importance of lifelong learning and continue to improve themselves,

EA4. Is aware of the responsibilities of the job, be creative, and have the necessary qualities as a leader and a team worker


PÇ1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to complex Chemical Engineering problems

PÇ2. Ability to identify, model and solve complex engineering problems related to chemical engineering

PÇ3. Ability to analyze and design a complex process or device under realistic constraints and conditions in line with a defined goal

PÇ4. Evaluation of engineering problems in the context of global and local scale and evaluation of solutions with respect to health, security, and environmental issues.

PÇ5. Ability to analyze data and interpret results from complex chemical engineering applications

PÇ6. Ability to design and perform experiments and interpret results for the investigation of complex chemical engineering problems

PÇ7. Ability to use modern techniques and computational tools required for complex engineering applications

PÇ8. Conducting intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork

PÇ9. Ability of independent and creative thinking, initiative taking, and entrepreneurship

PÇ10. The ability to embrace the importance of lifelong learning, to follow the developments in science-technology and contemporary issues, to improve oneself and to raise awareness about sustainable development

PÇ11. Ability of taking personal and independent decisions, and ideas and expressing them in a verbal and written fashion using clear and concise language both in the Native language and in English and the ability to give and receive clear and understandable instructions

PÇ12. Professional and ethical responsibility awareness, ability to act in accordance with ethical principles in engineering applications, awareness of the legal consequences of engineering solutions

PÇ13. To follow modern national and international issues

PÇ14. To have conciseness of the quality issues

NOTE: After the studies carried out within the scope of the Müdek Educational Objectives Update stages, the updated Chemical Engineering Department Educational Objectives were discussed at the Department Academic Board Meeting held on 04.10.2021 and the updated version was unanimously approved.

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