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Student Laboratory-1(Pilot Plants)

Chemical Engineering Laboratory-I ChE 310:

E - Practical Aspects of Electricity

C1 - Physical and Chemical Equilibrium

C2 - Determination of Physical and Transport Properties

F1 - Steady Current from Pipes

F2 - H-Q Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump

F3 - Fluidization

F4 - Flow Through Packed Columns

F5- Size Reduction (Grinding and Sieve Analysis)

H1 - Heat Transfer by Conduction and Forced Convection

H2 - Unsteady Heat Transfer to Batch Liquid in Agitated Tank

H3 - Refrigeration Cycle

H4 - Plate Type Heat Exchanger

M - Determination of the Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium


Chemical Engineering Laboratory-II ChE 403:

H1 - Cooling Tower

H2 - Drying in Tray Dryer

H3 - Climbing Film Evaporator

H4 - Spray Dryer

M1 - Gas Absorption

M2 - Distillation

M3 - Extraction

M4 - Water Softening Using Ion Exchange Method

M5 - Chemical Absorption of Carbondioxide from Air

R1 - Liquid Phase Chemical Reactor

R2 - Homogeneous Reactor

R3 - Tubular Flow Reactor

T - Production of Ammonium Sulfate From Gypsum


            Student Laboratory-3:

            Chemical Engineering Laboratory-I ve II (KMS 310-403):

            * System Analysis (Temparature Control-1 ve 2) (P1)

            * System Analysis (Level Control-1 ve 2) (P2)

           Student Laboratory-2 (Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis Laboratory):

           * Chemistry Laboratory (ChE 212).

           * Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (ChE 307).


Chemistry (ChE 212) and Instrumental Analysis (ChE 307) Laboratory courses are given in this laboratory alternately according to their semesters. In addition, the process control experiments of the Chemical Engineering laboratory (ChE 310 - ChE403) are also performed here. Level, flow, pressure control test equipment, process control test set, flue gas analyzer, melting point detector, conductometer, refractometer, viscometer, pH meter, vacuum pump, oven, heater and mixers, autoclave, compressor, UV lamp, precision scales, etc. devices are available.






  Computer Laboratory:

The Windows 7 operating system is installed in a laboratory with a total of 48 computers equipped with programs such as: Office 2010, MatLAB 2012, Aspen Plus 2004.1 and AutoCAD 2014, Bricsnet IntelliCAD 2000 V.2.2. The Basic Skills in Computer (ChE 107), Computer Programming (ChE 112), Technical Drawing (ChE 110), and Mathematics IV (ChE 202) all applications are performed in this laboratory.

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