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EUR-ACE label is given to Ege University Degree in Chemical Engineering between September 30, 2016 - September 30, 2021. Engineering Accreditation Program for Europe, which is EUR-ACE Label, is a part of the program European Accredited Engineering Program at Undergraduate Level Displaced.

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Ege University Degree in Chemical Engineering is accredited, by MÜDEK (Engineering Curriculum Assessment and Accreditation Association) between September 30, 2022 - September 30, 2027.

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LLP Erasmus Programme

Erasmus program; Students in Higher Education Lifelong Learning and instructor-focused Program. Its purpose is to improve the quality of higher education in Europe, to improve cooperation between higher education institutions and to strengthen the European dimension. The stated objectives of the Erasmus program; by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, working students and educators to perform in ensuring exchanges in Europe and the work of the countries participating in the program and the degree received by contributing to the development of the recognition and transparency as academic.

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Prospective Students


Strong academic staff with international experience, 100% English education, practical - theory of cooperation, Erasmus abroad, training facilities, a double major and minor programs, current curriculum and world-class, accredited education, social life - the city campus of advantages, students - strong communication between lecturers and open-door policy, the possibility of getting a job after graduation and wanted elements.

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Industry Cooperation

  • Our department owned convert science and research infrastructure potential for new products and production technology, the existing offering services to entrepreneurs with potential companies, the region and to contribute to the development of the country, is committed to strengthen university-industry cooperation.






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